Monday, August 17, 2009

Organizations that help those in need

Wish Upon a Hero is a one of a kind service designed to connect those in need with people that can truly change their lives.Wish Upon A Hero is completely free to its users, allowing everyone who registers the opportunity to cast up to three wishes at a time. Because Wish Upon A Hero is designed to help everyone, wishes can be big or small, elaborate or simple, based on financial need or just asking for a simple favor.

Whether you need help with past due utility bills, housing or emergency resources there may be a hero out there that is able to help. Visit Wish Upon a Hero

Modest needs is an award-winning public charity with a simple but critical mission: we work to stop the cycle of poverty BEFORE it starts for the low-income workers empowering compassionate members of the general public to safely and securely help hard-working, low-income households to afford the kinds of short-term emergency expenses that we've all encountered before: the unexpected car repair, the unanticipated visit to the doctor, or the unusually large heating bill, for example. Visit Modest Needs

You can also try calling your local churches for help with food, help with utility bills and more. They have money set aside to help people with needs.

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